Recording of Jost Zetzsche interview is online!

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of interviewing translation technology guru Jost Zetzsche during a question and answer conference call. If you missed the live call, you can listen to the recording on the Speaking of Translation website (it streams from the conference call provider, so you don’t need to download anything unless you want to!).  Lots of people submitted great questions for Jost to choose from, and on the recording you’ll hear his answers to:

  • Are TM tool developers paying more attention to the editing process and how to support it?
  • What’s the best terminology management tool for freelancers?
  • Are translation management, content management and machine translation systems becoming more integrated?
  • Does Déjà Vu support terminology blacklists?
  • What is the best quality assurance tool for freelancers?

We also learned that Jost has co-authored (with Nataly Kelly) a new book called “Found in Translation,” which includes 90 stories of how translators and translation affect almost every aspect of our daily lives. It’s forthcoming from a Penguin imprint in the fall and will be available at the ATA conference (can’t wait to get a copy!). Thanks to Jost for so generously donating his time, and if you don’t yet subscribe to his Tool Box technology newsletter for translators, you should!

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