Month: February 2016

ATA in the New York Times

Today’s New York Times features a letter from ATA President David Rumsey, in response to the NYT’s article about the recently-revised US visa requirements for Afghan and Iraqi interpreters. It’s exciting that this letter is appearing in the print and online editions; here it is!

Recommended reading and listening

If you’re looking for some interesting reading/listening, I recommend: Paula Arturo’s blog post on earning six figures as a Latin America-based translator. I *love* this post, and I think anyone who’s ever said, “I can’t make much money as a translator because…” should read it. Tess Whitty’s blog post on using LinkedIn to find translation clients. …

How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, Third Edition

The third edition of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator is here! With over 10,000 copies in print, the first two editions have become a go-to reference for beginning and experienced freelance translators alike. The third edition includes an all-new technology chapter by translation technology guru Jost Zetzsche, more information on marketing to direct clients, …