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About Training for Translators

Since 2006, Training for Translators’ founder Corinne McKay has been teaching freelance translators how to launch and run a freelance business, earn more money, and get more enjoyment out of life as a freelancer. Corinne’s book How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator–now in its third edition, and based on her experience starting a freelance business from the ground up–has sold over 12,000 copies, and her blog, Thoughts on Translation (now the Training for Translators blog) won the Community Choice award for best blog about translation in 2016 and 2018.

Training for Translators started as a one-woman blog, and grew over the years to include online business development courses for freelance translators. In 2018, Corinne expanded the offerings to include translation, copywriting, and editing technique courses taught by other instructors. Now including challenge groups and translation master classes, Training for Translators–launched under its new name and new logo in June 2019–has helped over 1,500 translators get more out of their freelance careers. Every Training for Translators class is inspired by the real world of working as a freelance translator, and we’re always developing new offerings based on feedback from our students.

Over the past decade or two, the opportunities available to freelance translators have grown–thanks to a little thing called the Internet–but so have the challenges. As compared to the freelance world of the early 2000s, much less the 1980s, it’s harder to make a living on low-end work, and there’s a lot more competition for high-end work. Training for Translators’ mission is to help our students’ businesses grow–intellectually and financially–far into the future.