Getting Started as a Freelance Translator



A four-week online course for beginning translators in any language combination, who want to launch and run a successful freelance business. Also for “experienced beginners” whose primary goal is to find more work.

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Instructor: Corinne McKay, CT. An ATA-certified French to English translator and Colorado-certified French court interpreter, Corinne has 16+ years of experience as a full-time freelancer and has taught the Getting Started as a Freelance Translator course since 2006. Corinne holds a Master’s degree in French Literature from Boston College, and specializes in international development, corporate communications, and non-fiction book translation. Her book How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator has sold over 12,000 copies and has become–now in its third edition–a go-to reference for the translation and interpreting professions.

Next session: March 30-April 30, 2020. No class during the week of April 20 due to instructor presenting at a conference.

Live sessions: Slide presentations sent to you on Mondays (recorded), live question and answer sessions on Thursdays at 11 AM New York time (recordings provided if you can’t attend live).

Description:This course was exactly what I needed – it offered a structured, bite-sized and realistic approach to topics every potential full-time freelancer needs to consider. Corinne’s honest and unbiased feedback helped me to focus on my goals and plan the next steps in my freelance career .”

“I was surprised and delighted at how practical this course was. Corinne is extremely generous in sharing her insights, suggestions and tips, and this was very important to me as a relatively novice translator. I always got the feeling I could ask any question, no matter what, and Corinne would provide a thoughtful and thorough answer. This course is a must for beginner translators.”

If you’re a beginning translator looking for the nuts and bolts of how to launch and run a successful freelance business, Getting Started as a Freelance Translator will get you there! You’ll create a translation-targeted resume and cover e-mail, a billable hours and rates sheet, and a marketing plan for your translation business. Most importantly, you’ll finish the course with increased confidence in your freelance business skills.

Format: This course combines self-paced video lessons, live sessions (recordings provided if you can’t attend), and individual feedback on your homework assignments. You do not need to be online at a specific time other than for the live sessions at 12 noon New York time on Mondays and Wednesdays, and if you can’t or don’t want to attend those you can listen to the full recording that will be sent out right after the session. Everything else is at your own pace.

Registration includes:

  • Four weeks of self-paced video lessons
  • Four live sessions focusing on a key topic for beginning freelancers
  • Four live question and answer sessions with recordings provided if you can’t attend live
  • Individual feedback on your translation-targeted resume and cover letter, marketing plan, rates and billable hours sheet, and online presence
  • Access to Training for Translators’ monthly alumni question and answer calls after the course ends
  • You can also contact the instructor whenever you’d like, with any other questions. You’ll finish the course with a clear plan for entering the world of freelance translation.


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