September SEO Strategy Challenge Group


Boost your online presence by taking advantage of simple 20- to 30-minute SEO (search engine optimization) tweaks and tricks for 20 consecutive business days. Help the right clients find you online by implementing doable strategies that bring long-term results.


Instructor: Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo. Madalena is the owner of Accessible Translation Solutions (ATS), a boutique translation company based in Southern California. With over 10 years’ experience in the language professions, Madalena has a knack and a love for content marketing, web design, and online presence development for translators and interpreters. After seeing the benefits of a robust online presence in her own business, Madalena now helps other language professionals design and create websites that help clients find them in online searches.

A past participant in Madalena’s copywriting course for translators says, “This was a great opportunity to learn more about the most important aspects of copywriting and the copywriting services/products. The course was lively and well-structured, and I really appreciated the personal attention and feedback. The knowledge I gained will definitely be helpful in improving my own marketing efforts and growing my business.”

Next session: September 3-October 1, 2019

Cost: $75. Participants can use ONE of the following coupon codes:

  • SEOALUM: $15 off, for past participants in any of Corinne McKay’s online courses
  • SEONEW: $10 off, for new participants (never taken one of Corinne McKay’s online courses)
  • SEOATA: $15 off, for members of the American Translators Association

Description: The September SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy challenge and accountability group is for freelancers who want to:

  • devote 20-30 minutes a day to building their online presence with SEO strategies for 20 consecutive business days
  • make their websites work for them as a form of long-term marketing
  • help their ideal clients (agencies or direct clients) find them online
  • join a group of other translators and interpreters pursuing similar goals

As a participant in this challenge and accountability group, you will receive daily e-mails with a specific 20- to 30-minute SEO-related task during the month of September. We will implement simple tweaks and tricks that make a long-term positive impact on group members’ search engine rankings and results. The September SEO Strategy challenge will help you use your website to your advantage and gain more web traffic by potential clients. This group is open to translators in any language combination.

Important note: The results you achieve from this group challenge are meant to be part of a long-term strategy and will take time to achieve due to the nature of SEO as a marketing strategy. This is a challenge and accountability group, not an SEO or web design instruction course, and does not include individual feedback on all of your work. If you’re looking for individual coaching, contact Madalena at

Registration includes:
-20 daily e-mails (one per weekday between September 3 and October 1) with a specific task associated with SEO. Each e-mail will include detailed instructions on how to complete the task and how it benefits your productivity as a freelancer

-One weekly question and answer session (recorded, not live; the group is open to translators in any time zone)

-Group accountability and discussion (optional Slack group) or private accountability (a tracking sheet you’ll receive by e-mail)


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