Supercharge your second language skills


Join this February 2020 challenge group, and boost your second (third, etc.) language skills with 20 days of activities!



Instructor: Eve Lindemuth Bodeux, CT. Eve has been a freelance French to English translator and multilingual project manager for over 20 years. She is certified by the American Translators Association for French to English translation, and is a current member of the ATA Board. In 2016, Eve published the book Maintaining your Second Language: practical and productive strategies for translators, teachers, interpreters and other language lovers. The “supercharge your second language skills” challenge group will draw from the strategies in Eve’s book, and from her own experiences maintaining her language skills while moving back and forth between France and the US multiple times over three decades, and raising her two teenage boys bilingually since birth.

Next session: February 3-28, 2020

Registration fee: $75; or join all three winter-spring 2020 challenge groups for $150

Description: Maintaining and improving your second (third, fourth, etc.) language is both necessary and a struggle for freelance translators and world language teachers. Passive language skills will only get you so far. Speaking and writing your source language(s) is a critical business skill that allows you to communicate with clients who don’t speak your target language, attend professional networking events in your source language country/countries, and network with other translators and world language teachers who speak your source language(s). In our busy professional lives, it can be hard to carve out time to maintain our non-native language skills. This group is for translators and world language teachers who want to:

  • devote 30 minutes a day to language skill improvement for 20 consecutive business days
  • make language skill improvement a consistent, fun, and rewarding habit
  • generate new ideas about how to maintain and improve your language skills
  • join a group of other translators and world language teachers pursuing similar goals

Using daily e-mails with a specific task that will take about 30 minutes, you’ll use the month of February to build language skill development into your daily routine. We’ll use a variety of strategies, from word games, to songs (even if you can’t carry a tune!) to smartphone apps. This group is open to translators and world language teachers in any language combination; you can even apply it to a new language that you’re learning!

Registration includes:
-20 daily e-mails (one per weekday between February 3 and February 28) with a specific language skill-building challenge for that day, including detailed instructions on how to complete the task, and how the task will help your language skills.

-Group accountability and discussion (optional Slack group) or private accountability (a tracking sheet that we’ll send you)


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