Don’t just take our word for it…read feedback from past participants in Training for Translators’ courses and master classes:

“After muddling along rudderless for many years (and earning a correspondingly mediocre income) I took my first class with Corinne McKay, “Beyond the Basics of Freelancing.” The content, homework, and collegial support provided the inspiration I needed to move my freelance business into higher gear, and the subsequent concrete increase to my income led me to enroll in other courses, including “Marketing to Direct Clients” and “Breaking into the Book Translation Market.” Fast-forward a couple of years: my more diversified portfolio of clients now provides me with steady, interesting work year-round and my income has more than doubled to reach six figures. These courses are a wise investment in yourself!” Participant in multiple online courses

“The instructor explained everything very clearly and spoke with passion, enthusiasm, and humor, which made it a pleasure to listen to all the seminars and q and a sessions. It was wonderful to receive positive feedback on my editing work so I can work with more confidence moving forward. And great to get tips and suggestions for editing, so I can work more efficiently in the future.” –Participant in Karen Tkaczyk’s editing and proofreading course

“The benefits of investing in Corinne’s training extend beyond the duration of a course. She is happy to provide her thoughts and advice on issues you may run into months or even years afterward. When you take one of her classes, you get not just a knowledgeable instructor but also a helpful colleague.” Participant in Getting Started as a Freelance Translator

“Paula’s plain language course was enjoyable as well as highly informative. In addition to learning how to use plain language in my translations, I found the concepts very helpful in interpreting source texts. I started seeing results in my work even before the course was over!” -Participant in Paula Arturo’s plain language for legal translators course

“After reading Corinne’s excellent book and doing private consulting sessions with her, I didn’t think there was much more I could learn about marketing to direct clients. How mistaken I was! The course greatly exceeded my expectations. I learned to think outside the box, explore new avenues of marketing and most of all, to focus not only on marketing generally, but on marketing the services clients really need and how to do so effectively and efficiently. Corinne is not only an outstanding translator, but also a competent, inspiring teacher!”Participant in Marketing to Direct Clients

“This was a fantastic course that provided both the information and the hands-on practice that I needed to boost my confidence and confirm that I have the skills to go out and tackle more of this type of translation work.” –Participant in Jennifer Nielsen’s official document translation course

A great opportunity to learn more about the most important aspects of copywriting and the copywriting services/products. The course was lively and well-structured, and I really appreciated the personal attention and feedback. The knowledge I gained will definitely be helpful in improving my own marketing efforts and growing my business.” –Participant in Madalena Sanchez Zampaulo’s copywriting for translators course

“This greatly increased my confidence in marketing and has been a turning point for me. My business will never be the same again!” –Participant in the March Marketing Madness challenge group

-“I found this course extremely valuable as it validated and helped me further develop ideas that I already had, as well as offering helpful insights into how to approach direct clients. The individual feedback that Corinne provides is excellent. So much so that I now regard the course as having been a series of business coaching sessions, rather than solely a course about reaching direct clients. Before the course began, I was unsure how much of the course could be applied to my own circumstances, but Corinne is clearly very mindful of the time and resource constraints faced by many freelancers and this is reflected in the content of the course and its delivery.” –Participant in Marketing to Direct Clients

-“It was really rewarding to have this more intimate class with very experienced teachers geared toward people already working in the translation industry. Some of the topics and discussions were more practical than, for example, some of the classes in my Masters program, which were aimed at people who haven’t yet started working as translators. The sessions were extremely informative and it was really helpful to receive individual feedback on my translations.” – Participant in the French to English translation workshop course

-“I was surprised and delighted at how practical this course was. Corinne is extremely generous in sharing her insights, suggestions and tips, and this was very important to me as a relatively novice translator. I always got the feeling I could ask any question, no matter what, and Corinne would provide a thoughtful and thorough answer. This course is a must for beginner translators.” –Participant in Getting Started as a Freelance Translator

-“Thank you Dorothee for opening my eyes about some aspects in my effort to becoming an established freelancer – the personal advice and different viewing angle you offered means a huge leap towards my productivity.” –Participant in Dorothee Racette’s time management course

-“When I started translating, all that I really knew about the industry was that you take one language and turn it into another. I was able to figure out roughly where to start from various online resources, but this class helped me know exactly how to present myself to potential clients, market myself more effectively, and improve my cold-contact success rate. Corinne is a wealth of information and her experience in the industry is priceless. Thanks to my improved resume and cover letters, over the course of the class I was able to acquire two new clients that pay more than any of my previous clients.” –Participant in Getting Started as a Freelance Translator