Announcing the launch of Adventure Translators

My good friend and excellent colleague Eve Bodeux has just launched a new boutique translation company catering to the specific needs of the outdoor and adventure sports industries, the aptly named Adventure Translators. I’m going to be working with her as Chief Translator; Eve has run a very successful localization company, Bodeux International for many years and she’s a serious outdoor enthusiast (and also the only person I know who grew up in Alaska!), so the new company is a logical next step, and as far as we know it’s an unfilled niche in the translation industry.

We’re excited about this new venture because of the increasing popularity and cross-cultural appeal of outdoor and adventure sports, and because it’s a way to combine our passion for languages with our passion for the outdoors. As the company tagline says, “We Understand the Thrill!” Here is Eve’s launch announcement, which was released today:

Greetings, Colleagues and Friends,

I am excited to tell you that Adventure Translators has now officially

WHAT: Adventure Translators is a boutique translation agency that focuses on
the needs of the outdoor industry, providing high-quality translation
services for texts related to adventure travel, backpacking, biking,
camping, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, outdoor activities with children,
snow sports…and much more!

WHERE: The company offers translation services for all major markets in
Europe, Asia and the Americas, to and from English. This includes the French
Canadian and US Spanish markets.

HOW: By translating all texts related to the outdoor industry (such as
marketing and promotional texts, legal and financial documents, software and
websites), Adventure Translators offers one-stop shopping for the outdoor
industry’s global communications needs. Services offered include translation
and localization, multilingual desktop publishing, glossary development,
professional translation project management and more.

WHO: The Adventure Translators’ team offers over 20 years of combined
experience in all aspects of the translation industry, as well as adventure
time on the slopes, crags and trails.

WHEN: You can learn more about Adventure Translators now by visiting our
website or signing up for our newsletter by sending
your email address to

Thank you for your support and have an adventurous day!

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