Can we make a collective resolution?

As the Dow falls below 8,000 for the first time in over five years, Iceland faces the prospect of national bankruptcy and many Americans can’t sell their homes for what they owe on the mortgage, I think it’s time for freelance translators to make a collective resolution. So far (I force myself to preface any comment about the industry with those words!), it seems that most of us are relatively unaffected by the global economic slowdown; some of us have never been busier.

So, how about if we collectively resolve that we will not complain about having too much work as long as this economic situation continues. When times are good for everyone, I think it’s acceptable to lament how much you’ve been working, or that you turned down multiple projects because you didn’t feel like working overtime. But right now, that seems a little inconsiderate and tasteless; so, let’s save the complaining for when the world’s financial situation improves. I’d rather hear “Fortunately, I have enough/more than enough work” than “I’m so overworked”!

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