The elusive Mr. Driver's License

This one will probably make the rounds as fast as the Welsh roadsign/autoresponder, but today’s post on Language Log has a wonderful and humorous warning about the dangers of monolingualism. The BBC News reports that Irish police have been frantically hunting for one “Prawo Jazdy,” a Polish man who had, according to the police, accumulated more than 50 driving violations while giving a different home address each time. Except… Prawo Jazdy isn’t even a person’s name, but rather the words “Driver’s License” in Polish, which appear in bold text at the top of the license itself (you can see a photo of this on the BBC site). With Poles currently representing Ireland’s largest immigrant population, the slippery Mr. Jazdy has been showing up all over the country…and as the BBC article points out, “Irish police officers should now know at least two words of Polish.”

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