Episode 5 of Speaking of Translation

My colleague Eve Bodeux just released the fifth episode of our podcast Speaking of Translation. It’s entitled “Leverage payment methods to keep the most money in your own pocket,” and we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of getting paid by check, ACH, wire transfer, PayPal and international currency transfer companies. The podcast site is set up so that you can either listen right from the site without downloading anything, or you can download the audio file to your computer or mp3 player and listen at your leisure. We’ve also added a new feature (can you tell that we secretly want to be NPR hosts?), you can call and leave a message on our comment line, 720-279-4738. Feel free to give us your feedback, suggest a topic for a future episode or ask a question that we can answer on the air! Happy listening!

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  1. Reed James October 10, 2009
  2. ebodeux October 12, 2009

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