Upcoming webinars

The American Translators Association has two upcoming webinars that might be of interest to you:

  • On September 11 at 12 noon New York time, the ever-engaging Jill Sommer is presenting a one-hour session on Navigating Your First ATA Conference. If San Diego will be your first conference, I cannot recommend this webinar enough. Jill will tell you what to do with your resumés and business cards, how to network when you don’t know many people, how to plan your schedule for the conference and in general, how to make the most of this (overwhelming but very valuable) experience. Best of all, this webinar is free for ATA members!
  • On September 20, also at 12 noon New York time, Chris Durban and I are presenting Working With Direct Clients. We’ll offer tips on how to find your first direct clients, what to consider before you enter the direct client market, how to become an expert in your subject area, and how the direct client market is different from the agency market. I’ll mainly be in the interviewer role, but you really don’t want to miss Chris’ insights from her work with some of France’s leading corporations. Hope to see some of you there!

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