Getting Started as a Freelance Translator- starts September 18

The next session of my online course Getting Started as a Freelance Translator starts on September 18. I’ve been teaching this course for about five years and it’s always a lot of fun: a small group of translators (maximum 10 people) who want to launch and run a successful freelance business, or experienced translators who need a nudge to achieve their business goals.

The group spends four weeks together working on four targeted assignments: resume and cover letter, marketing plan, rates and billable hours sheet and online presence. Each week we also do a one-hour question and answer conference call, and everyone receives individualized feedback from me on every assignment, plus a copy of my book How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator. The class fee is $305, with a $50 discount for ATA members.

Some recent graduates of the course have commented:
Before I took this course, essential professional development tasks such as updating my resume were constantly pushed to the bottom of my To Do lists. The conference calls were fantastic and a true highlight because I benefited greatly from the other students’ ideas and perspectives. They either asked questions I hadn’t yet thought of myself or hadn’t yet had the chance to ask.

I appreciated the constant support and presence of Corinne, who is a skilled and passionate professional. I think one of the most valuable elements of the course was the expertise she shared with us. I loved to listen to her suggestions and she gave me positive encouragement to never stop working on what I love the most.

Starting a business is a scary thing to me and this course gave me the confidence and the knowledge to feel comfortable getting started. It was great to have someone answer my questions and sort of hold my hand as I went through each step. Thank you!!!!

To read the full course description or to register, please visit my website.

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