Beyond the Basics of Freelancing: starts Monday

Update: this session is now full; the next session starts on August 22 and you can register at the link below.

The next session of my four-week online course for experienced freelancers, Beyond the Basics of Freelancing, starts Monday. I have two spots left in this session and you can read the full description or register on my website. Registration is $320 ($15 discount for ATA members) and includes four sets of weekly video lessons, a private Google group for the class participants, eight live question and answer sessions, 20 daily assignments and four sets of weekly readings.

I introduced this new format in the January session of my introductory course, and a participant commented: “The course paid for itself before it was even over, just by my applying the first week’s tips and advice. It is practical, practical, practical, and the Q & A sessions are extremely informative. If you love translation and are committed to providing quality work, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a good living at it, and this course is about as specific as it gets with how to achieve that.”

Beyond the Basics is for established translators who want to earn more money, work with high-quality agencies and direct clients, enjoy their work more or pursue new specializations. Hope to see some of you there!

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