Ask Me Anything call recording

If you missed Wednesday’s inaugural Ask Me Anything call, here’s the recording:
That link will allow you to stream or download the recording. Topics covered include:
-Minimum charges and when to apply them
-How much I earn per year, and how to break into six-figure income (as the person who submitted this question commented, “You said we could ask ANYTHING”…fair enough!)
-Marketing tips for complete beginner translators
-Whether direct clients want to work with an individual, a team or a company
-When an agency asks you to review and respond to the editor’s changes
-Finding and vetting agency clients
-Tips for staying focused during the work day

Overall, I think this beta test went well, so let me know if you have any ideas for future AMA calls; the sound quality on this one is not outstanding (my land line), but I will try to work on that for future calls. As I mentioned initially, this is not a sales pitch for anything; just Q&A about our industry!

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