Seeking guest posts: Lilt, TransferWise Borderless

Hello, readers! I’m currently seeking authors for two guest posts:

  • A guest post from someone who actively uses Lilt, the adaptive MT translation tool. I’d be especially interested in someone who can compare Lilt to a market-leader TM tool with an MT plugin, for example Lilt versus Trados Studio with SDL Language Cloud.
  • A guest post from someone who’s using the TransferWise Borderless account. I’d prefer someone who lives in the US and can also talk about the tax implications of this type of account in the US tax system (for example is it subject to FATCA declarations?).

I pay an honorarium of $75 for guest posts, guest writers get a byline and a bio on their article, and this blog averages about 20,000 views a month. If you’re interested in writing one of these posts, please contact me directly at Please respond only if you are actively using Lilt or the TransferWise Borderless account; please don’t respond if you’ve only researched them or considered using them. Thanks!

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  1. Barbara Pavlik November 15, 2017

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