New online course: English to Spanish legal translation

Earlier this year, I decided to expand my usual offering of online business classes for translators (going strong since 2006!) and begin offering translation skills development courses. The inaugural course in that vein was Translation Workshop: French to English, and–thanks to the efforts of the amazing team of instructors, including Michele Hansen, Judy Lyons, Karen Tkaczyk and Tom West–it was a great success. The session sold out, and feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive.

Building on the success of the French to English course, I’m excited that well-known English to Spanish legal translator and lawyer Paula Arturo accepted my invitation to teach a translation technique class. English to Spanish legal translation will run, fully online, from September 4 through October 16, including two live sessions per week and six practice translations that Paula will provide individual feedback on. The students in the French to English workshop commented that it is a (sadly!) rare, and valuable thing to have your work evaluated by a true expert, and this English to Spanish class will give that opportunity to anyone who translates into Spanish and specializes, or wants to specialize, in legal translation.

The early bird price of $525 for this class expires on Friday and we still have a few spots left, so please sign up before then and save $150 off the regular price. ATA members can receive an additional $25 off with coupon code ATA. I hope to see some of you there!

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