Paper marketing materials: in or out?

Earlier this week, NPR ran a very interesting segment (reported by Yuki Noguchi) entitled Job Seekers Find New Rules of Recruitment, which focused largely on the role of new technology and social media in the job search process. Many of the points in the segment (have a LinkedIn profile, don’t use an AOL e-mail address or an e-mail address that you share with your spouse) were helpful but not earth-shaking. However, several of the interviewees also went into vivid detail about their hatred of paper resumés, which they described as “passé.”  While I agree with this concept in general (I think that the only time I use paper resumés is at conferences), I wonder if the same is true of other marketing materials such as postcards and brochures.

At various marketing seminars that I’ve attended, the presenters have often advocated *for* sending paper marketing materials as an alternative to electronic ones. I’ve often heard the argument that while most people delete unsolicited e-mails even before reading them, most people will at least glance over a nicely designed postcard, or will take the time to skim a sales pitch letter. Any thoughts on this? Personally I’m a fan of inexpensive business postcards from places like VistaPrint and Overnight Prints. We use these for our local translators association with a great deal of success, and I think that in the flood of bills and ads that most people receive, a nice-looking paper marketing piece or a custom-tailored letter is a nice touch. Readers, any experiences using e-mail or paper materials for your marketing campaigns?

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