Links from the translation blogosphere

Here are links to a few blog posts that I enjoyed reading this week:

  • Jill Sommer on Freelancing means the freedom to say no. I think it’s all too common that freelancers, especially women freelancers, feel that they can never object to a client’s terms or requests. Thanks for this reminder, Jill!
  • Sadly, Paula Dieli is putting her excellent blog Essential Project Management on hiatus as she has accepted a new job (not as a project manager!). We’ll certainly miss her here in the translation blogosphere.
  • Kevin Lossner on Choosing an agency or an independent translator, which is a commentary on José Henrique Lamensdorf’s excellent post here.
  • Judy and Dagmar Jenner on Disposable e-mail addresses. I loved this tip; I have a webmail address that I use for purposes like online shopping, but the self-destructing temporary e-mail address is even better!
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