A few random updates

Thoughts on Translation is winding down for vacation, and will be on hiatus until mid-July. A few updates on previously-mentioned issues:

  • Back in March I wrote a post about options for home office phone service. I switched my office line to Vonage Lite (since discontinued by Vonage and repackaged as the US and Canada 300 plan) and I’m quite happy with it. The sound quality is good, my office line now has its own voicemail, I can forward my office calls to another number and I’ve had no outages. The only issues I’ve discovered are that for reasons unknown, the Vonage line cuts in and out if my land line rings while I am talking on the Vonage line, and the Vonage line’s voicemail indicator is not completely reliable. I always get an e-mail when I have a new voicemail, but the stuttered dial tone and flashing modem light indicators periodically malfunction.
  • Speaking of Translation’s book launch webinar went well! Eve Bodeux interviewed me about the new edition of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator and Michelle Bradley managed the technical aspects with aplomb! If you missed the webinar (or you’re just dying to hear it again!) you can listen to the recording free of charge. Visit SoT’s Listen! page for the link.
  • Speaking of which, if you feel like educating yourself in the comfort of your own office (or maybe procrastinating!), the Listen! page also has the archives of the Speaking of Translation podcast. And really, where else will you find a wrapup of the 2008 ATA conference?

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