Survey: 2019 online courses

I’m in the process of scheduling my 2019 online course lineup, and I’ve prepared a short survey to get a sense of what my readers are interested in. These are courses taught by other instructors with me facilitating the administrative portion. Assuming that each class would run for about four weeks and cost about $365, or run for about six weeks and cost $525, with plenty of individual attention from the instructor, please let me know which topics appeal to you, and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments box!

Also, if you’re itching to sign up for a class right now, check out:

  • Organization and productivity for translators with Dorothee Racette. Starts September 24, runs for four weeks; $380 with a $25 discount for ATA members. We already have a good-sized group signed up for this but there are a few spots available. Includes an individual consultation with Dorothee after the course ends.
  • Translation Workshop: German to English, with Eve Hecht, Jill Sommer, and Ted Wozniak. Starts November 5, runs for six weeks; $525 with a $25 discount for ATA members. Includes 12 live sessions and individual feedback on six practice translations.
  • Marketing to direct clients, taught by me. Starts November 5, runs for four weeks; $365 with a $25 discount for ATA members.
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