Podcast: Website and online presence tips for freelancers

Eve Bodeux and I just (today!) recorded a new episode of Speaking of Translation, and we hope you find it useful! This episode covers website and online presence tips for freelancers, including:
-Why are a website and an online presence important, or not important?
-What are some factors to consider when choosing a web designer, and how much should a website cost?
-What other online platforms might you want to be on?
-How can blogging be used as a marketing tool?
-What does Eve look for in the online presence of people to whom she might subcontract work?

Note: we appreciate all of your comments, and we’d particularly enjoy hearing from anyone who has found a translation client through a “non-traditional” online presence such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc. (listen to the episode for Corinne’s story of finding a client on Yelp).

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Website and online presence tips for freelancers

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