September SEO Strategy challenge: starts one week from today!

In March of this year, I started running quarterly challenge groups focused on a specific goal: we kicked off with March Marketing Madness (led by me), then moved on to the June Time Crunch challenge with Dorothee Racette, and next up, starting one week from today, is the September SEO (search engine optimization) Strategy challenge, led by Madalena Sanchez Zampaulo.

The challenge groups are a fun, affordable ($75, with various discounts available) way to make lasting changes in your business by building a new habit–one March Marketing Madness participant commented that her business was “forever changed.” In this challenge group, we’ll focus on getting your website out of the shadows and in front of clients who are searching for the types of services you offer.

You don’t need access to your website’s source code to participate, since we know that many people use website builders. Madalena–based on her experience teaching website creation courses for translators–will be giving the group an SEO challenge every week day, and we’ll also have motivational videos and a fun Slack group. We have a good group signed up, with room for as many people as want to participate! We kick off on September 3, and I hope to see some of you there!

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