January master class coming up: Interpreting for legal depositions, with Judy Jenner

Join Training for Translators this coming Friday, January 24 (recording provided if you can’t attend live) for our January master class: Interpreting for legal depositions, presented by Judy Jenner. Judy is a Federally-certified court interpreter who has interpreted at over 800 (not a typo!) depositions, and this is our first offering exclusively for interpreters!

As some court systems have reduced the rates for judiciary interpreters, many court interpreters actively look for assignments outside the court system. There are plenty of opportunities available, and depositions, which are typically held at law offices, often require interpreters. There are very few trainings focusing on the role of interpreters in depositions, and this master class will provide an overview of the structure of depositions, the parties, the objectives, the terminology, etc. The instructor will also offer tips on finding clients who may need deposition interpreters.

Attendees will receive plenty of real-life advice on how to manage the flow of information, how to deal with difficult situations, and exactly what to expect during the course of the deposition. Specific terminology related to depositions will also be covered. This master class will be held in English and is thus suitable for interpreters of all languages. The presenter is a federally-certified court interpreter who has interpreted at more than 800 depositions. She is not a lawyer, but is married to one! All participants will receive a recording of the master class afterward.

Hope to see some of you there!

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