An interesting translation specialization

As promised a few posts back, here’s some information about David Russi, an English>Spanish translator here in Colorado, who after many years of freelancing, has gone in-house as a translator for COMET (Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training) and loves it. COMET’s outreach efforts including Spanish translation have clearly paid off, as their website notes that they were awarded the 2006 “Excellence in Geophysical Education” award.

David localized COMET’s entire MetEd (Meteorology Education and Training) website into Spanish, and reports that he has so far translated about 80 hours of meteorology instruction into Spanish as well. David says, “This material helps meteorologists in Central and South America use and understand our satellite data and train for their work, it is really useful stuff that is being used by hundreds of people (for now, I’d like to see it get to thousands) to grow in their profession.”

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