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Thanks to reader Dierk Seeburg for sending the link to an article from the Washington Post about Google’s new Google Translation Center service (not yet fully launched, login seems not to work using a regular Google account). The Post article has a link to a yet more interesting article on Google Blogoscoped where one can even view some screen shots of the Translation Center.

At least to the untrained eye, this looks like an interesting combination of Google’s existing language tools, an online translator workbench including the source and target text and a column for “Previous Translations,” and on-demand access to human translators (this part looks similar to SDL’s Click2Translate service).

I think that the most interesting part of the article on Google Blogoscoped is the one in which co-editor Tony Ruscoe muses about the implications of Google’s reported plan to “match current translations with previous ones.” He points out that “This sounds like what the industry calls a Translation Memory” and brings up the question of ownership of the TMs created by the Translation Center.

At the end of the post, Philipp Lenssen says that Google has now “removed many of the pages and files in question,” but this looks like a translation website worth keeping an eye on.

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