Constructive things to do if you're afraid of a work slowdown

So far, the language services industry seems to be holding up well in the ailing economy. Although I haven’t had as many inquiries from clients in the past three months, the size of my projects lately has been larger than usual; I finished 26,000 words this week and will start another large project next week. Posts such as Jill Sommer’s ‘Tis the season…to be overworked suggest that other freelancers have work stacking up as well.

Still, I have this ongoing sense that I should be doing more to prepare for a big event, such as a major client going bankrupt or a large invoice being unpaid. My favorite personal finance blog, Get Rich Slowly, ran a great guest post on this topic. Although it’s aimed largely at in-house employees, 10 essential steps to take BEFORE you’re laid off applies to freelancers as well. Note especially tip number three, “Start a blog that contains at least 50% professional material.”

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