Links: two excellent marketing posts

If you’re looking for some coffee-break reading, I highly recommend:

  • Riccardo Schiaffino’s post over at About Translation, on last weekend’s Colorado Translators Association marketing seminar. We had some weather-related drama associated with this event (a foot of wet snow in mid-April!) but fortunately it went off very well and we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Thanks to all of the presenters, they’re listed and linked to in Riccardo’s post.
  • Abigail Dahlberg’s post on finding work as an environmental translator on her blog The Greener Word. Even if you’re not an environmental translator, I think that Abigail’s post offers a very helpful overview of how to profile and find your potential clients. I think that many people could save a ton of marketing time simply by following her advice to look for clients who a) are likely to need your services and b) can pay your rates.

Happy reading!

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