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If you’re looking for some coffee break viewing, check out Iconic Photos, a website of “Famous, Infamous and Iconic Photos” that run the gamut from haunting to hilarious. The background notes that go along with the photos are also really interesting. My husband found this site last night; I was working late and he was keeping me company in the office, and the entry that caught his eye was Mitterand’s Funeral, a photo of former French President François Mitterand’s wife, longtime mistress and out of wedlock daughter standing before his coffin. Another must-see is Nixon meets Elvis which is (who knew?) the most requested reproduction from the U.S. National Archives, surpassing both the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I’ll let you choose whether or not to look at the more graphic (mostly war-related, not X-rated) posts on the site, but some non-graphic images I found interesting are Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes, Shooting the apple and Lindbergh lands in Paris.

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