Neat product: Moo mini-cards

We all know that one of the primary rules of freelance marketing is “always have business cards with you.” However, this can be harder than it sounds: first, you have to have a good location for the cards. The positive impression you’re trying to create is definitely ruined if you have to rummage through your bag for ten minutes to find where you put the cards, or if you extract a card that’s been folded and mutilated beyond all recognition. At networking events, I often struggle with the best place to put cards; loose in my pocket, they’re likely to get messy. In a holder in my wallet, they take too long to remove. Second, many freelancers have several styles of business cards. My business is fairly streamlined and I still have three kinds of business cards, which are tough to fit into my wallet-sized card holder.

Enter a suggestion from Portuguese and French to English translator Zoë Perry, who suggests solving all of these problems at once with miniature business cards from Moo and a mini-card holder that you can put in your pocket or on your keyring. I’m not easily sucked in by marketing swag, and I thought this was a really neat idea. Moo allows you to get multiple designs in one pack of mini-cards, and the card holder can accommodate 12 cards at once. At $25.00 for 100 mini-cards and a holder, this seems like a good marketing investment for 2011 (and this is not an affiliate deal!). This tiny card holder would be easy to carry in your pocket at a networking event, and with it on your keyring you could even network in the supermarket checkout line.

One thing: I just might have to wait to purchase these cards until Moo removes the cardstock accolade “We chose it for it’s [sic] thickness…” from their website. This is one of those errors I’m tired of seeing, especially from a media company! Moo, please fix this, because I really want a set of mini-cards and I can’t in good conscience support that misplaced apostrophe!

Readers, any other ideas for fun and useful new marketing tools for this year?

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