New podcast: ATA59 wrapup

Eve Bodeux and I released a new episode of Speaking of Translation this week. It’s a wrapup of last month’s 59th annual American Translators Association conference. We discuss our favorite sessions at the conference, how the conference is planned, and some tips for anyone who’s never attended an ATA conference and would like to. Here it is!

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Speaking of Stitcher, here’s a plea for tech help: when I connected our show to Stitcher, I was told that Stitcher’s site would automatically scrape our podcast logo tile from our RSS feed, but it didn’t do that, and there is no way to manually upload a logo tile in Stitcher. I’ve contacted Stitcher customer service about this, and their only response was the same information that I had already found in their knowledge base (no way to do this manually; the system will automatically find the logo tile, which it still hasn’t). If anyone has a solution to this, can you let me know in the comments?

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