Mindset Mondays: How to nudge a dormant client

Welcome to episode three of Mindset Mondays, the series of short videos I’m doing to close out 2019 and kick off 2020. Thanks to the two subscribers (you know who you are!) who suggested the topic of reconnecting with clients you haven’t worked with in a while. Whether a client hasn’t contacted you in a while, or whether you’ve been unavailable for a chunk of time, we all end up in this situation at one time or another. In last year’s March Marketing Madness challenge group, “nudge a dormant client” was probably the most successful strategy that people in the group used: some landed large projects within a few days of the nudge.

And speaking of March Marketing Madness, I’m excited to announce that registration is now open for a series of three challenge groups that Training for translators is running in the first half of 2020. You’ll hear more about these in the coming months, but if you’re itching to get some challenge in your 2020, check out Supercharge your Second-Language Skills with Eve Bodeux (February), March Marketing Madness with me (uh…in March!) and Tackling Task Management with Dorothee Racette (May). The groups are $75 each, or all three for $150.

Anyway, on with the video!

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