New online courses, and March Marketing Madness?

I’ve been steadily adding courses to my winter/spring 2019 lineup, and I’m also considering running a March Marketing Madness coaching group that would include daily accountability and some individual sessions with me. If you’re interested in the March marketing group, send me an e-mail and let me know.

This year’s first three online courses sold out: I have wait lists going for Spanish to English translation workshop with Holly Mikkelson (two sessions sold out!), and Editing and proofreading for into-English translators with Karen Tkaczyk.

Here’s what’s new. All of these courses run for four weeks, fully online, with individual feedback on the homework, and recordings of the live sessions if you can’t or don’t want to attend them. Discounts are available for ATA members, new students, and returning students: see each individual course page for details.

In April, I’ll be teaching Getting Started as a Freelance Translator, my flagship course for beginners, running since 2006 and focusing on creating a translation-targeted resume and cover e-mail, marketing plan, rates and billable hours sheet and online presence.

In May (actually starting April 29), Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo will teach Copywriting: for your clients and for your business, focusing on writing better marketing materials for yourself, and on offering copywriting or content marketing translation as a service to your clients.

In May/June, another brand new course that I’m sure will be popular: French to English financial translation with Judy Lyons, an introduction to financial translation, the life of a financial translator, and the market for French to English financial translators.

In June, Dorothee Racette will teach round two of her popular course Organization and productivity for translators. The first session of this course was a great success, and Dorothee will have even more tips on how to get more done in less time without losing your mind, and how to organize your electronic work space for maximum productivity.

Already scheduled for September is Paula Arturo’s Plain language for into-English legal translators, focusing on how to write legal translations that are clear, accurate, and readable (yes, it’s possible!).

I’m excited for this lineup and I hope to see some of you there!

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