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Why do some freelance translators fail?

I’m not a great “tough love” advice-dispenser, but I’m going to give it a try. I work with a lot of beginning translators in my online course (shameless self-promo: the next session starts on April 3 and there are four spots left!). When I follow up with students over the months and years after they finish …

Upcoming session of Getting Started as a Freelance Translator

The next session of my online course, Getting Started as a Freelance Translator, starts on February 13. You can read the complete description or register for the course here. All of the course sessions for the past six months have filled up before the start date, so please register early if you’d like to join us!

The software companies respond!

Ahead of last week’s ATA conference, I asked readers what you would like to tell your translation tool vendor. And with 27 comments (although some of those were me!), the post generated a lot of activity and excellent feedback. I then compiled those comments into a three-page document and presented the results at an informal lunch …